Serve It Up With Love

Captains Only



Registering for Serve It up With Love Adults is through "League Play" and not Tournament Play.

When you click on the Create A Team button below you will be brought to the “Create a Team Number On-Line” page of TennisLink.

Fill in this screen as follows:

Section: choose “USTA/SOUTHERN”
District/Area: choose “ALABAMA”
Area: choose “AL-MOBILE 2020”
League: Choose one of the Serve It Up With Love options depending upon what/when you are playing:

  • 2020 Serve It Up With Love - Men Night
  • 2020 Serve it Up with Love - Mixed Doubles
  • 2020 Serve it Up with Love - Women Day
  • or 2020 Serve It Up With Love - Women Night

Flight: choose the LEVEL your team is playing: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (etc.)
(If you team is sponsored by someone, payment of all fees will be one lump sum. Choose the "Sponsored" option.)

NOTE: When you choose the Create Team button, you HAVE TO REGISTER 1 PLAYER in order for the team to be created. This is usually the captain.


One last thing…. Record the Team Number. Your team members will need to know the team number in order to register for the team.

Call or text 251-709-9834 if you have any questions and/or problems.



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