Serve It Up With Love


We want to thank you for your patience during this difficult time and let you know that the Serve It Up With love Charity Tennis Tournament has been postponed from April 2 & 5, but will be held as soon as our city is strong again and Mayor Stimpson opens the Copeland Cox Tennis Center so we can get dates on the calendar there. We plan to have the best tournament we have ever had and that is because of each one of you!
Please know that this is the largest fundraiser the Child Advocacy Center has and all proceeds from this event help severely abused children in our area. Rest assured if you would like a refund we will gladly give you one, but we hope you will remember that it is for children who have been severely abused. Also, please remember if you ask for a refund now, you will not get the $3 that already went to TennisLink for processing, and will have to pay that again if you reregister. It will also affect your team and they will have to scramble to find a replacement. We hope everyone will wait to see the new dates and make your decision then.
WE are all in this together. Keep distancing and Stay safe.

Elaine Henderson -


These are special gifts for our Serve It Up With Love Committee who are our "Stars" who help make our children safe and whole again.



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